Tis the season!


No! We don't mean Christmas. And we definitely don't mean baseball. Testing season is upon us!!!

Tis the season that matters. This is what it all comes down too! This is what tells us who is "advanced," "proficient," "basic," and "below basic," labels that we need to know in order to function in society.

Tis the season were we find out if schools are failures or not.

Tis the season were we find out how much value teachers have added to our students education, and if they are worthy or not to keep their job - a very much needed process.

Tis the season were we see if the entire year of teaching to the test actually paid off!

Tis the season where test-prep companies rack in their millions on the tests given to students.

Tis the season where politicians praise so-called reforms in potentially raising test scores only to find out that that scores are stagnate.

Tis the season to be jolly!

*DISCLAIMER* This post is obviously meant to be a caricature.


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